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DATE RUSH: Pray For Your Crush If She is Not Crushing

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Date Rush season 5 episode 3 is here again with it own drama and excitement. Yes!! There are some new faces, here are all the ladies on stage:

Bella, Khadija, Gloria, Manuella, Aku Sika, Bibi Fatima, Juana, Cindy and Marria

Question for the night: what does pampering mean to you in relationship? 

The ladies disclose that, they want their men to give them the little time they have and should be willing to spend on them. Fatima killed it all by saying the guy should be taking her out and helping her to take her bath. 

First guy, David an actor from Aflao Volta Region 

Fisrt profile video and 4 rushes went off remaining 6. Fatima was among those 4 ladies who off their rush, she said the guy is boring just like that. The shocking part was when Manuella said she off her rush because of the perfume the guy used, she knows someone who uses the same perfume, jeezzz!! Though she put on back her rush after the guy said he can change his perfume if his girlfriend don't like it.

After the second profile video, 2 rushes went off remaining 5 on. Seriously, some ladies just off their rush with no reason, when you ask them, the answer is it's not clicking. 

Final profile video, according to the guy, communication is very important to him when it comes to relationship. After the video he had 5 rushes on, he got the chance to off 3 rushes, but he didn't do it that way, he rather put off 4 rushes and put on Manuella rush on. Now between Manuella and Cindy he has to choose one, but before that, he put out a question to them. After their answers he chose Manuella.

By the looks of things, one could say Manuella was not comfortable with that relationship, and I see no reason why couldn't own up.

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