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[Video] Lovers Turn To Laughing Stock After Romantic Moment Went Wrong

There is a saying that goes, "cut the cloth according to your material". There are many times we see people doing things above their standard, which later creates problems for them.

Well, it is believed that all hands are not equal, but everyone must appreciate what they have and protect it wisely.

Two lovers turn to laughter stock on social media after a romantic moment goes wrong. According to the video, you can see this lover lives in a wooded structure but decides to have a romantic moment. In the video, the man carries the woman to make themselves comfortable. All of a sudden, the lady holds the roof and they all fall on the bed as the iron sheet falls on them.

These lovers have forgotten that they are in a wooden structure, and therefore they must be very careful when doing anything in the room.

Please click on the link below to watch the video.

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