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Guys: Here's a list of women not good for your peace of mind in 2022

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Congratulations if your goal for 2022 is to attract a woman into your life. That's good, too, if you're only open to the notion and possibility of meeting the woman of your dreams this year.

There are still excellent Nigerian women who desire healthy relationships and are eager to make it happen with someone who is deserving, and the dreary relationship stories you hear all the time do not represent the entire narrative of how Nigerian women are.

On the other hand, there are individuals who may be detrimental to your mental health. These are the ones to stay away from this year.

The following are some of the characteristics that you may notice in these women:

1. Is only interested in sex

It's not a good idea to be in a relationship with a lady who only brings sex and orgasms. She may be engaging and entertaining at first, but you want someone better in the long run.

2. Bad energy

Bad energy isn't able to hide for very long. If she is carrying it, you will notice it after a while. You need someone in your space who brings light and brightens every corner she enters, not someone who is bitter and resentful of others for no reason.

Of course, she has the ability to direct that energy at anyone but you. Things always turn around in the end. Protect your tranquility by avoiding persons who will deliberately poison you against others for no reason - even if they are attractive and curvy.

3. Does not know how to keep private matters private

These days, knowing where to draw the line when sharing with friends or even online is a necessary skill. This is not a problem that only affects women, and it affects men just as much as it does women.

So, if you observe a partner who over-shares sensitive information and even things that should be kept private, you might want to take a step back and reassess the situation with her.

4. The entitled one

If you observe that she treats the perks you grant her as if they are her rights, you might want to reconsider sticking with her.

5. Keeps you as a backup option

Although this may be tough to determine because many women who feel compelled to maintain side guys usually know how to conceal the reality.

However, if you ever get the feeling that you're being retained as a backup; that you're being benched or cookie-jarred, you should go immediately.

Keep your mind at ease, brother. You are deserving of being chosen first!

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