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"Men Are Wicked!" After Proposing To Me, I Realized That This Is Where He Actually Lives [Fiction]

I have known Williams for about two years now and we have really been having a good time. Though I've not been able to get into most of his privacies (like visiting his home and also visiting his people) we have been moving on as couples. We have been building a relationship for two full years and all I can say is that it has been a good walk.

I knew he did not have much but I loved him that way, but he has always been giving me the impression that he has a lot. He has showed me the picture of his house a couple of times but I've never been there because he gave me several reasons why I should not visit. My visit, according to him, should be when we are preparing for marriage.

Last week, Williams plucked an engagement ring to my finger and I stood on his promise that I was going to visit his home. He claimed he was not living in Accra but only came for business. We were always staying together in my own house. But this time around, having had a ring on my finger, I was not going to take the option of visiting his home less serious.

He still refused that I would follow him to see his place and this got me confused. I decided I was going to do the job myself. One night, after leaving my place, I went behind him in a vehicle. I had hired a driver who would do the service for me. I made him follow my fiance, each way he took and each vehicle he boarded. There was this vehicle he went with and I thought it was going to drive for long(like I thought he was leaving Accra) but stopped him after a ten minute drive. He came down and curiously we went behind him.

To cut the whole story short, I was able to track him and I discovered that the picture he has been showing me is not his home. The place he lives is not nice - seems like the home of a mad man.

Now, I'm not angry because his home is not decent. At that moment I was no longer comfortable with the engagement ring.

What should I do? Should I move on to the marriage or walk away from him for living deceptively?

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