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I Was Her Gardener and She Was My Boss, But We Fell In Love- Black Man Who Marry White Says

I was 19 and he was 25 when we met in Germany almost 14 years ago. But in this way I struggled to get to pieces from work and over the weekend cut grass for wealthy people living in the suburbs of Hamburg. But she saw a potential in me that I didn't believe in myself, she would bring me juice and cake if I cut it in the grass and renewed her flower garden.

I started working for him with pleasure because he would accompany me as I cultivated the land, watered the flowers and cut the grass. The job got easier and I ended up enjoying it, but then something happened when the time came when I was able to retrieve my check. I felt uncomfortable accepting money and I said I would not pay myself this month. He insisted and I started to move away from him, the pace picked up and we started running.

Finally he grabbed me and immediately put the check in my pocket, but he didn't take his hand out. We close our eyes and I will see my future wife in him. I raise money, but I am a little embarrassed to be paid for the perfect job I have done. At that time, my gardening business was growing, so I ended up buying some cakes and hiring another young man to help me.

One night I finally got the courage to pick up my phone and dial her number, just the first ring, and she picked it up and asked her to come out. The rest is a story where we are married and have two children. 14 years have passed since I was embarrassed about getting money for my job.

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