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The top 5 Ghanaian tribes that produce the best wives (Opinion)

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Every society has its own culture and our culture defines who we are. People are of different backgrounds which gives us different identities but the same people. There are many tribes in Ghana and each tribe has its values and norms. Each ethnic group or tribe has a specific tack that they are very best at, some are good in farming, cooking, animal rearing, being humble, producing good husbands, producing good wives. 

When you find a good husband or wife then you have found a good thing. Some tribe produces good and beautiful ladies as wife material. Because Ghana is a peaceful nation we have also accepted inter-ethnic marriages but yet some parents refuse to give their sons out into certain tribes for marriage. Why because they see their ladies not to be wife materials. 

We are looking at the best five tribes that produce the best wives in Ghana. 

1. Fantes

2. The Ewes

3. The Akans

4. The Ga Adangbe

5. Krobo ladies

Yes, these are the tribes with the most beautiful women that make the best wife. Dear readers let me hear from you what do you think about this. If you are proud of your tribe let's hear from you in the comments box. What do you think about my list?

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