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Sure signs they have finally moved on

You and I always have a choice to make when pain and sadness engulfs us. Either to keep on bearing the pain or to move on. Everyone has a way of getting over someone. Some might take days, hours, weeks and even years. What matters is that at the end, they get to move on.  

*They focusing on the future and not the past:

Their dreams and who they want to become one day is now their main priority. They are not focused on the pain any longer and have decided to let go off the past. The past would only drag them to nothing but heartache and shedding of tears. Who doesn’t want to avoid being in such a situation and just be happy? 

*They have made peace with the fact that you never valued them enough:

In as much as it was hard for them to move on, they finally did. They have no reason to behave awkward around you. If you both happen to bump into each other, they wouldn’t feel the need to avoid you. To not value what they did for you and wanted more of their efforts, made them think that they are not doing enough. When the actual truth is they did more than enough but for the wrong person. 

*Their self-love is stronger than ever: 

They longer worry about the opinions of others concerning their lives. When they have a scar on their legs or a big mark across their faces, they appreciate it more than ever. They wouldn’t want to sit and wait around, thinking that they are not worthy, till someone tells them so. They wholeheartedly accept their imperfections. 

*Your absence in their lives no longer matters: 

At a point in their lives, they wished the connection between you both would have never died. The thought of not having to be near you nor hear from you, used to disturb them a lot. They have now mastered courage to accept that whether or not you are in their lives, they would remain happy. They thought they wouldn’t survive without you, but they did. 

Life is now seen in a different perspective and that’s when you realize you have really lost an irreplaceable person. That is, if you were the one at fault. 

Thank you for reading.

Image credit to: 123RF and Unsplash

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