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Long Distance: 7 Ways To Impress Your Boyfriend And Show Him Your Love

When you’re in a long distance relationship, impressing your significant other can be a little tough. Fortunately, with a little creativity and a lot of communication, you can keep your relationship on track and maintain the same spark. Keep reading for some fun ways you two can connect with each other on a daily basis.

Plan a virtual date night. Tell him to dress up and cook a fancy dinner. Set your computer or phone up on the table and enjoy a fancy meal “together” while you’re wearing your Sunday best.[1] Light a few candles to really set the mood, and don’t forget to pour yourself a glass of wine! If you aren’t the savviest cook in the kitchen, try getting some takeout to enjoy instead.

Send him a gift via snail mail. Surprise him with a fun care package he wasn’t expecting. Fill a box with candy, board games, love notes, and anything that might remind him of you. Don’t tell him it’s coming so he’ll get the ultimate surprise when he checks his mailbox. If shipping a package is too much, just send him a letter instead. It costs less, and your words will be super meaningful.

Start a book club with him.

Pick out a book to read and try to do a chapter a week. When you talk to each other on the phone or via video chat, discuss the book and what you think about it. It will help you feel more connected to each other and also give you something fun to talk about on virtual date nights. Take turns picking the book so both of you feel included. If you don’t want to go out and buy brand new books, hit up your local library instead.

Play video games together.

Buy the same game and start it at the same time. If it’s an online game, join a team together and play it side-by-side. Turn your chat feature on so you two can hang out and talk as you fight bad guys and earn points at the same time. If video games aren’t your thing, try playing virtual board games or card games instead.

Look at the stars together.

Call your boyfriend and talk about what you’re both seeing. Since you’re both looking at the same sky, it’s a cute way to feel connected even though you’re apart. If you’re in completely different time zones, one of you can describe the stars while the other talks about clouds or the sun instead. See if you can find any constellations!

Try sexting.

You can still be intimate, even with a long distance relationship. If you’ve never tried it before, send him a sexy text when you know he’s alone and not busy. You two can text back and forth, send saucy pictures, or even move to video chat to continue the conversation. If texting or video chatting isn’t your thing, try having phone sex instead. You don’t have to see each other, and you can simply describe what you’d do if your boyfriend was in the room with you.

Plan a surprise visit.

Let him know a few days ahead of time that you’re coming. That way, he can take some time off work or school so he isn’t too busy. Buy your tickets, pack your suitcase, and get going! The more often you two can see each other, the better. If he’s planning to come and see you, surprise him by buying his tickets instead.

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