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Divorce Affair

We frown on interethnic marriages, but white women accept us - Germany based Ghanaian

Germany-based Ghanaian Frank Amoako has stated that some Ghanaian tribes frown upon interethnic marriage, but white women accept them despite their race. 

In an interview on Daily Hustle Worldwide, Frank indicated some Europeans are open-minded enough to settle with blacks. However, Mr Amoako revealed he went ahead to cheat on his pregnant German wife. 

“An Asante man may not marry an Ewe, but some white people overlook these things and treat us well even while we are undocumented. Later we pay them back with evil. I cheated on my pregnant German wife with another lady. 

Even after my wife found out about the relationship, she forgave and told me to break up with her, but a month later, the other lady got pregnant. They show us love, but we pay them back with evil,” he said.

Speaking on what makes interracial marriages better, Mr Amoako mentioned that “there is no stress. They don’t ask for money, but they buy you everything, etc.”

According to him, some African men often divorce white women after they are documented. 

Moreover, the deserter disclosed his reasons for joining the military and why he moved to Europe. Presently, Frank works as a security guard and trainer.

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