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True love really exists; a picture of a guy and his very tall lady draws massive reactions online

Beauty, they say lies in the eyes of the beholder. Consequently, what informs the choice of a partner by one person, may differ from another person. Hence who is considered compatible for a relationship by one person, maybe a turn-off for another. So long as the chemistry between two people clicks, they are good to go in a relationship. And for love to be enjoyed to the fullest, it must be unconditional; thus it is based on complimenting each other and not dwelling on the fault and shortcomings of the other.

A picture shared by a Facebook page dubbed "NOLLYWOOD" of a young man and a lady, who are seemingly in a relationship has raised eyebrows online. What was striking about the post is the huge gap in height between the two. One would have taught that the guy would have the upper hand in height, which is usually the case, but the height of the lady nearly doubles that of the guy. Netizens who were amazed by the picture reacted.

Check out reactions from netizens;

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