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Husband and wife relationship

Agony of an abused wife and mother

I want to take you on a journey. A journey filled with emotional and physical abuse from the man I called my husband. My journey through the darkest tunnel and how I finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel.

My name is Angela, and this is my story:

I grew up in a small village where I lived with my mother because my father had passed away some years back. My mother had to struggle to do menial jobs just to see me through school. Fast forward, I completed Senior High school and came out with flying colours but there was no financial support to go to the university. My mom and I prayed and hoped that things will change.

One sunny afternoon, on my way home from the market, I was stopped by a rich and good looking young man. With all smiles, he asked for my name which I told him. But I had to respectfully walk out on him since he's a stranger and I was scared. Few days after my encounter with him, I saw him one Saturday morning in my house requesting to see my mother. How he was able to locate my house and what wanted to discuss with my mother was what signed the certificate to the torture that almost ended my life...

Watch out for Agony of an abused wife and mother Part 2

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