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Get basil leafs (Akuko Besa) to secure your lover & your business

To me, what I know about this Basil plant , if am not wrong this plant is also known as Akuko Besa in Twi. The herb is an antidepressant that is can be use for stress reduction, depression, and anxiety. It helps to maintain good health and general well-being of a person. Basil is commonly used in tea and may be added to soups or vegetabless for steaming fresh meats. Apart from its medicinal properties, this plant has some scent that is very powerful and most traditional healers use for spelling or chanting, even somtimes my father use it.

But To use this plant for any spiritual thing, is only base on your believe, your religion and the house you're coming from because not all of us believe in herbs but some also do and can testify what I'm going to say about this plant.

A fresh brew of Basil causes sympathy between two people, and that is why it is used to stop clashes between lovers. It is added to incense and sachets of love, and fresh leaves are crushed against the skin as a kind of natural love scent.

In our traditional home, this was thought that a young man who accepted a strand of Basil from the hands of a woman would fall in love with it. Basil is also used for divination concerning love

How to use

Place two fresh leaves of Basil on a burning charcoal. If they stay where you put them and they quickly burn to ashes, then the intended relationship or marriage will be harmonious. If there is a slight creak then the relationship will be disrupted by quarrels. If the leaves fly away crunching, then the relationship is irrelevant.

If you want to know if someone is chaste or of dubious morals, put him a fresh sprig of Basil in the hand. He will fade immediately if this person is of light manners.

 Basil brings wealth to those who carry it in their pockets, and it is used to draw consumers into a shop by placing a little in the cash register or above the front door.

Basil is also used to make sure someone's friend is honest. Sprinkle your body with basil powder while he or she sleeps, especially on the heart, and your relationship will be marked by fidelity.

The Basilisk can also be spread on the ground, to chase evil spirits. It is also used in exorcism incense and in purification baths. Small bags can be placed in each room of the house to protect it. It was also said that witches drank half a cup of Basil's juice before flying in the air.

Basil may also be used during dieting, but only as a secondary aids, and only under the supervision of a dietitian. According to an old belief, a man or a woman could not eat large quantities of a dish if basil had been secretly added to it. Finally Basil offered as a gift guaranteed the chance of a new home.

What do you also know about this plant please share your thoughts about this and also asked any questions you want to ask, you can also share. thank you

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Akuko Besa Basil Twi


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