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Fiction: I want to bring back happiness in my marriage.

Mrs Akrofi has been married for 7 years with two lovely children. In 2017 her husband lost his job. she became the only one working in the house, the first year all was fine he had savings and was able to contribute money. His savings dried up and things started being difficult.

His wife stopped enjoying getting intimate with him and because he was sitting at home doing nothing, he always wanted to make love to his wife but she refused because she could be tired from work or just having breadwinner stress. she reached a stage where she didn't find him attractive anymore. Broke men are unattractive.

she went to a herbalist and found something to stop her husband's erections, it worked like magic. she told him he didn't get hard on because he was stressed. The poor guy believed his wife. She started to enjoy her sleeping because no one bothered her.

Whenever he felt some movement in his underwear his wife will increase the dose until it reached a stage where he lost erection completely. His wife cheated on him with three guys during his unemployed years. He got a job last year and things started to go back to normal.

The wife went back to the herbalist to get something to bring his erection back but it didn't work, she tried Western medicine and still no luck. Men's clinic failed to.

Does anyone know what she can do to help?she wants to bring back the Happy Days in their marriage.

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