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Guys, questions she asks you that tells she has affection for you

Telling a woman, her husband or husband that she loves him, or worse, proposing marriage to a man for a woman, is a challenge in itself. Sometimes when a girl loves you, she will ask you specific questions to show her that she is interested in you.

However, many men don't understand the questions women ask when they fall in love, and this is the question a woman will ask you when she needs you badly to date.

1. He loves or cares for you. He gives you subtle signs such as B. being shy or laughing at even the most deceptive joke. Shell is doing its best to be present in the areas that are most represented. If one is available, make sure you know about it.

2. When a woman comes up to you and asks "What kind of girl are you?" How are you? 2 Or something like that, it shows that he cares about you, if not exactly in love with you. If a woman is interested in you, she will want to know if her interest is legitimate before continuing the relationship. One can only hope that he considered the training of a newly recruited soldier with more sensitivity than that of a sergeant.

3. You will ask a lot of questions and it will allow you to ask or ask additional questions. "Can you tell us about your favourite band or artist?" For example. I love her too, that's for sure. “The current CD, in particular, is great.” I wanted to know whether anyone had seen it live. the new?' Ain't it good to go In another case: do you like to exercise? "I like to do sports!" If I ask if you like to exercise, it is literally. "Can you tell me about the sport you like?" Says the interviewer I'll answer, "Oh, I think you're great at this!" For example when he was talking about golf.

4. If a woman loves you, she will also look for a man to talk to her about your problems. Suppose he asks about the meaning of the warning light on his car. You will be very impressed when you find out what it means. The girls don't do this superficially wrongly or superficially, but rather prove to her that they love her and want to know more about her.

5. If he's very interested in you, he'll turn off Tinder or some other dating app to show that he's only interested in you. He or she can tell you what happened, such as if there is no power in the house or if the power went out.

6th Shell makes friends with your friends and acquaintances to get to know you and your interests better.

7. She also tries to impress your parents by showing off her cooking skills when she is your friend. Feeling

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