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My Husband Brought Women Into Our Matrimonial Bed, Tell Them I Was His House Maid.

Tabitha from Naivasha painfully shares the pain she is going through in her marriage. Her husband took the women into their marriage bed and slept with them when she was five months pregnant.

Tabitha was born in Naivasha and her mother raised her alone. After some time her mother died after a long illness which cost her all the money in her house. Her older sister took over the role of her mother and raised all her siblings.

After completing basic education, she was unable to continue her education due to financial problems. She was employed as a fragile housewife. Her work is hard because she gets up at 4 am to wash clothes and then prepare the children for school.

She also said that despite his busy work schedule, her employer was kind to her. one day she was sent by his employer to go shopping at the market and on the way she met a man who greeted her warmly, exchanged contacts, they communicated often.

Tabitha shared with the man the problems she was having in that house. He advises her to quit her job and marry him. Tabitha hasn't felt love yet, but she wants to try. The first few months of their marriage were fine, while she was 5 months pregnant her husband started bringing women into their wedding bed. He tells them that she is his maid.

Tabitha is an orphan with nowhere to go, which makes her decide to stay despite what she has to go through. After 9 months she gave birth, unfortunately her son died the next day. Her husband was angry and was about to attack her by saying that she was the one who killed her son.

A year into this toxic marriage, Tabitha became pregnant. She notes that pregnancy lasts up to 9 months. During the delivery at the hospital, she called her husband and said they had a baby girl. He promised to visit her but didn't.

After being released, she returned home to find the house empty. Her husband had gone. She asked people in good faith to help her with her work so that she could raise her child.

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