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Husband and wife relationship

10 Ways To Handle A Man Who Cannot Take Initiatives Without Insulting His Intelligence

Every woman needs to marry a man that can take initiatives and be in charge as the man of the house and her life. Sometimes, men who cannot take initiatives are not attractive to women who expect so much from them as their husbands, the man of the house, the head of the family and the one to give spiritual and physical directions in life. How do you handle a man who cannot take initiatives without insulting his intelligence? Well, let me share these 10 ways to do that with you.

1. Know your man, his temperament, character and understand him: The first step to handle your man who cannot take initiative is to study him and know how best to handle him based on his character and temperament. Some people are the reserved type.

 2. Know that you are in his life to complement him but not to complain:

If you do not know the reason for which you are in his life, you may complain and leave him. Perhaps, you are there to assist him to cover up his weaknesses.

 3. Do not insult him for not taking some timely decisions or actions: Do not be quick to insult your man for not taking some decisions. Insults do not build people up and never make a better home. Apply wisdom.

 4. Discuss plans ahead with him and specify who does what: One of the best ways to handle a man who cannot take initiatives and lead the family is to plan ahead with him and spell out who does what.  

5. Gently remind him of things he has to do instead instead of ordering him about: Your life partner is your best reminder in life. You are there to remind, assist and help him reach a better stage. Do not order or command him; it may backfire in the long run.  

 6. With humility and respect, teach him how to do some things:

Blessed is the man whose wife is a teacher for life in humility but not the one who condemns and is also arrogant.

7. Where necessary, take charge but do not always be in charge: There is nothing wrong with being in charge where you see that your man is lacking courage and skills to do something important. Only do it with his consent and involve him to avoid being accused of stepping beyond your boundaries when issues arise in the new future.

8. Apply wisdom in order not to expose your husband’s weakness: You certainly need wisdom to handle a man who cannot take initiatives otherwise, your home will be a disaster. Apply wisdom and do not expose him for public ridicule.

9. Plan your outings and meetings to avoid embarrassments in public. Learn to plan and do things together. That is the beauty of life and by so doing, he will pick up missing skills in his life.  

 10. Always encourage him and pray with him. One of the things that frustrates a man so much is making him feel not capable as a man enough when his wife seems more intelligent and wiser than him. Learn to encourage him and pray with him as well. With time, he will get better and be bold to take some initiatives.

What other ways do you know to handle a man who cannot take initiatives without insulting his intelligence? Share your experience with us.

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