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"Girls Guide" - 3 Golden Rules Of Flirting And Approaching Women

The signs of attracting and approaching women is being understood by some few guys who have been in the game for quite a long time. Your appearance or facial looks doesn't normally matters when it comes to approaching women and making them your own. I've learnt some simple strategies and I think it is time I relinquish the baton to you to follow suit.

You don't have to be a perfect guy to approach a woman even the best seducer also have their flaws. You don't need to be tall, gorgeous, have a six figure salary to be able to make approach a woman. Below are some spicy golden rules you need to follow carefully to mastermind the game of love. Let's get the ball rolling.

1. Dress Casually

Your dressing really counts when approaching a woman. It is always said that first impression counts and I'm in full support of that. The dressing you put out there can definitely tell either you going to make a progress with the woman you approaching or not. As an Alpha Male, your dressing alone should attract people and follow suit.

2. Build Up Confidence

Confidence is the basic element in attracting a woman when approaching her. Your swag in your confidence level can really put you on a higher scale in her specs. Don't focus on perfection but do your possible best to make things work. Focusing in perfection can go a long way to make you insecure and rob you of your confidence.

3. Stay Positive

Your ability to remain positive even when there is a flaw somewhere shows how brave and confident you are to make things right. You don't have to always see things go in the way you expected. Just remain calm and believe yourself of doing the impossible even when nobody believes in you. Your negativity can ruin your day even when you never expected. Just believe and make things right.

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