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Before You Try To Get Your Ex Back, Here Are Three Important Things You Should Consider

If you've made it this far, you're probably looking for information on how to get an ex girlfriend back . She probably left you, but you can't seem to resign yourself to being without her or you ended the relationship because you got tired, but then you realized you made a mistake. Now, however, you miss her and would like to have her back by your side. Well, this is the article for you: I will reveal to you step by step everything you need to do (and what you need to avoid) to win back the woman you love. Whether in your case it is possible or not to win back your ex we will see in the course of this article, but in the meantime I want to explain to you why it is not always the best thing to do.

When you spend months or years with a person, it inevitably creates a certain emotional dependence. We share many things, emotions, memories etc. This addiction means that when a girl leaves us we have the instinct to turn her back to continue living those emotions, or often simply because we can't stand the idea that she can relive them with someone else. The problem, however, is that in those moments you are not reasoning rationally, but you are still prey to emotions and emotions, you know, do not always suggest the wisest thing .

In fact, if you broke up, there will be a reason. Whether it is more or less serious there has certainly been a problem strong enough to interrupt the relationship and if it is over once, it can end again. That's why I say that it's not always a good idea to win back the ex girlfriend, because probably after the initial enthusiasm, the problems that were there will inevitably return. I personally don't believe much in reheated soups. I generally prefer to go ahead and find other girls and the few times I got an ex back, then I regretted it.

1. To take back control of your life

When a girl leaves you, the first emotions you feel are: anger, disappointment, confusion, etc. All negative emotions that do not lead to anything good, on the contrary you risk worsening the situation further and immediately gambling on the few chances you had of regaining it. Chances are you are feeling low, depressed and with self esteem under your shoes. In this case you could try to win her back to fill this void you feel inside and to feel better.

However, this is a very dangerous trap because if you put your happiness in the hands of another person it is likely that you will find yourself suffering again and worse than before. Your happiness depends only on you . Once you understand this, everything will be easier and you will not find yourself making hasty and impulse choices. Avoid like the plague showing anger, showing yourself depressed, telling her "I can't live without you", being jealous, etc.

Now is the time to just think about yourself and get yourself back on track . I know that the end of a relationship is a devastating moment and that it leaves a heavy aftermath for a long time, but getting down, letting go is useless. If you think that seeing you sad, dejected and with low morale she takes pity and comes back with you, you are very wrong. No woman wants to be with an apathetic, self-pitying man who tries to feel sorry for himself. In fact, the more you do this, the more she will stay far away from you.

2. Analyze what happened

After a week of absolute detachment, you should have regained your ability to think clearly (if you haven't, you still need time). It is time to analyze some points that we will see shortly and that will be fundamental to understand if she is a recoverable story and how to win her back. Take a pen and paper and write down everything that comes to your mind by answering the questions that I will reveal shortly (writing will help you to rationalize).

3. Why did you break up

I report below the most frequent reasons for breaking up, if your case is not one of these you have to try even more and analyze the real causes that have put an end to your story. Maybe you were tired, something weighed on you in your relationship, you wanted more freedom, you fought often so you decided to leave her. At first you felt like you had freed yourself from a burden. Free to do what you wanted. But then slowly you began to miss her, to think back to the good times we spent together, and now you regret having left her and you would want her back.

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