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She's your true ANGEL, How to make your mother the happiest woman ever

Tell me one thing Heaven and Earth have in common.

Well, let me help you; they both have some special beings called "angels".

The angels in Heaven are the ones the Holy Bible and Quran have already talked about whereas the angels on earth are our mothers. (God has assigned some of His Heavenly angels here on earth though).

If you ever wish to refer to a woman as an "angel", that woman is your mother.

That woman who cared for you so much even at the time you didn't yet have a name.

That special woman who loves you more than you love yourself.

That unique feminine being who knows what you need whenever you are angry.

That earthly angel who gave you so much in times past yet appreciates the little you are able to give her today.

Oh! I am referring to the woman who feels your pain at the inner parts of her caring abdomen.

I'm not only talking about the one who gave birth to you but also any woman, young or old, has has played the role of a mother in your life.

In fact, I cannot describe the love and virtues of your dear mother in one article.

Nations institute ceremonies to honour their heroes, it is your duty to also honour your mother because she is a NATION.

Now, look at how you should treat your mum to let her feel like she owns the world.

1. Pay rapt attention whenever she's discussing something with you.

This makes her feel you value her words. Paying no attention to your mum in conversation makes her feel she's no longer needed in your life.

2. Don't wait for her to tell people how she has toiled for your sake. You should rather be the one to blow her trumpet whenever necessary.

3. Sometimes you need to look straight into her eyes and tell her, "mum, you've come very far, if there was another world, I wish you would be my mother again".

4. Let her move and come to stay with you for a while. Every mother feels accomplished when they live under a roof provided by her child. If makes her feel her struggle wasn't in vain after all.

Don't just confine her to her village and be sending her money occasionally, at certain ages, intimacy is more important to them than money. Forget about your personal principles and let your mum come close to your nuclear family. Your wife or husband wasn't there when your mum was shedding tears thinking of where your next meal was going to come from.

Never let your mum be be an outcast.

I tell you this on authority that your mother is not a witch!

5. When choosing a life partner, let your mother's suggestions matter.

Even if you disagree with her on whom to to choose, don't push aside her suggestions arrogantly. Just take your time and explain things to her, I tell you, you'll both come to a good conclusion.

If you treat her with respect, she will treat you with love plus respect.

As I said earlier, your mum is too good to be described in a single article.

Was I able to invoke some love for your mum?

I'm glad I did.

Give her a call and just have a hearty chat with her.

Fathers are special too, and it will be their turn another day.

If I made sense then please comment, like and share with friends, and remember to follow me for more.

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