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3 Signs God Is Asking You To Increase Your Faith In Him

Here are three signs that God wants you to put more trust in him.

1 God is asking you to bring more faith in Christ because your earthly hope has been postponed.

When you're feeling a pause in your life because of a need or wish from God, but it seems that the response to your prayer is still far away, it's a sign that God is encouraging you to put more faith in him.

Take a look at Proverbs 13:12. Deferred hope makes the heart sick, but when desire arrives, it is a life-giving flower. When we have a thirst for water, it tells us that we need to drink it, and when we are hungry, it tells us that we need to eat to refuel and replenish our strength. This can be applied to our difficulties and delays in life; it means that God wants us to put more faith in him. Not that God wants us to encounter delays in our lives, but such things are bound to happen naturally, just as I illustrated above with thirst and hunger. God desires that we place our trust in his Son, Jesus Christ, for he is the salvation of mankind. Take a look at Romans 15:12-13. “There shall be a source of Jesse,” Isaiah says again, “and He who shall rise to rule over the Gentiles, in Him the Gentiles shall hope.” Now, by the power of the Holy Spirit, may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that you may abound in hope.

2 A Call to Endurance Is a Sign That God Is Asking You To Trust Him More.

Whatever circumstance or problems you're facing, God is bringing you to the school of patience, and it's a sign that he wants you to have more faith in him. Consider Romans 12:12, which says to rejoice in faith, be patient in tribulation, and pray steadfastly. You are supposed to rejoice in faith, even though the answers to your prayers are not just around the corner. This means that you should not surrender or give up on God, but rather remain focused and resilient. You know full well that God would never let you down. Consider Proverbs 23:18: There is undoubtedly a hereafter, and your hope will not be snuffed out. They said, "Patient Dog eats the fattest born." If you want to be steadfast in hope and patiently wait on him, your hope will not be truncated as long as your trust is in Christ Jesus. He will honor you twice as much if you choose to be steadfast in hope and patiently wait on him. Take a look at Romans 5:3-5. Not only that, but we rejoice in tribulations because we know that tribulation produces perseverance; 4 and perseverance produces character; and character produces hope. 5 Now, hope does not disappoint because the Holy Spirit, who was given to us, has poured out the love of God in our hearts.

3 This Is a Sign the Lord Is Asking You to Have More Faith in Him If You Are Facing Issues That Can Never Be Fully Solved Until the Coming of Christ. Perhaps you've lost someone you care about, someone who means the world to you and who supports you financially, spiritually, and in other ways. Finally, when the individual is no longer alive, it is a sign that God wants you to have more faith in him.

Consider 2 Corinthians 4:14: He who raised the Lord Jesus will also raise us up with Jesus and present us to you. God wants you to believe in his son, Jesus Christ, who is returning to restore everything to you, and you should believe that when Jesus Christ returns, you will see your loved ones again. 2 Corinthians 4:16 is a good example of this. As a result, we remain hopeful. Despite the fact that our outer man is perishing, our inner man is being refreshed on a daily basis. 17 For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, is working for us a much greater and everlasting weight of glory, 18 though we do not look at what is seen, but at what is not seen. That what is visible is fleeting, but what is invisible is permanent.

Life will never be perfect until Christ Jesus returns. There are some problems you are facing today that may not have a perfect solution right now, but God is calling you to believe in his Son Jesus Christ's second coming, when all will be perfect. Your only hope should be in him, and it should stay that way. Colossians 1:27 is a good example of this. God wanted to reveal to them the riches of this mystery's glory among the Gentiles, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory.

4:3 Since you died, your soul has been concealed in God with Christ.

Revelation 21:1-27 is also worth considering. Respectfully, readers, I implore you to trust God today; he will never let you down. Simply keep your faith strong and unwavering. In whatever situation you find yourself in, he will be there for you. Don't give up on him because he is well aware of your difficulties. As you continue to believe in God, may he reply quickly and grant you your heart's desires. In Jesus' name, continue to be blessed dear readers. Thank you for your prayers.

If you are lucky enough to receive this blessing, don't keep it to yourself; share it with your family and friends. 

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