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5 Signs That A Girl Wants To Be Your Girlfriend.

As a man, sometimes it can be really difficult to tell when a girl wants to be your girlfriend. This is because some women are really difficult to understand. But as a man, you can be able to tell from her body language and signs that she wants to be with you. 

This is because most girls find it difficult to ask a man out, even when she has feelings for you or wants to be your girlfriend. They rather show you certain signs when they have feelings for you or want you to date them. From these signs, you can be able to tell whether she is going to accept your proposal or not.

1. She cares for you when you are in pain or sick.

When a lady always cares for you. Especially when you're in pain or sick. Or want to visit you just to check up on you and know if you're taking your medication properly. This is a sign that she has feelings for you and is looking forward to becoming more than just a friend to you. 

2. She tells you everything, even her deepest secrets.

When a lady always tells you everything about her. Including her deepest secrets. Then this means that she trusts you. When a lady is free to talk or open up her secrets to you. This means that she values and trusts you. It takes only a lady who is in love with you or a lady who trusts you with her whole heart to open up her deepest secrets to you. And a lady who doesn't trust or love you will never tell you her deepest secrets or want to have such a conversation with you.

3. She asks you about your girlfriend often.

This is the particular method girls often used to know if you do have a girlfriend or whether you're in a relationship or not. The majority of ladies who ask you about your girlfriend or love life are trying to be part of it only if she is given a chance.

4. She often visits you or enjoys spending quality time with you.

It takes only a girl who has feelings for you or a girl who loves being around you to often visit you or enjoy your company. A girl who loves you will always want to be around you. This is because she enjoys your company, a girl who truly enjoys your company like you and would be happy to be your partner.

5. She introduced you to her loved ones.

As a man, when she starts introducing you to her family, friends and workmates. This means she is proud of you and also has feelings for you. It takes only a girl who truly loves you to make time to introduce you to her family. Or a girl who sees you in her future. When a girl is in love, they tell their friends and family good things about you. And it takes only a girl who is truly in love with you to do this.

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