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Has the world come to an end? See the man who married his own cat.

The choice of whom to have a relationship with is of cause an individual decision.People's choices always vary from one another .The happenings in this world are really strange and never expected.With the ways things are turning out it looks like very soon we will not witness only human to human marriage re- union.

A 39 year old post man in Germany, Mr.Mitzscherlich married his cat after being informed by a veterinarian it was ill and might not live long.

Stunned officials supposed to carry out the ceremony as registrar refused since they thought it was out of line and unrelatable for him to marry a cat.An actress rather acted as the registrar for the ceremony.

The said man,Mr.Mitzscherlich , explained he bought cecilia, the cat, years ago when it was just 5 and explained it was love at first sight.

The cat was dressed in a little white gown like a bride.And when asked if they enjoy their marriage, claimed they always hangout in their room and the cat is fond in joining him in bed.

It was a surprise for many since, Sharon Tender from Britain also married a dolphin claiming she was in love .

Others too expressed indifference since 15 years ago , an Indian woman married a cobra at Atala village and even had 2, 000 people joining her to witness the marriage ceremony.

Indeed some years to come the world may not see some taboos as taboos anymore with the way things are turning out.

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