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Funny Jokes to realise stress.

A woman get on a bus with her baby. The driver said: "This is the most ugliest child, I have ever met in my life".

This infuriated the woman and he was very angry to death. So she moved from her sit to another sit in the front side of the Bus.

She told the man next to her that, "The driver just insulted me.

The Man said: You go over there and beat the heal out of him. Then the woman charged to the driver, before she could do anything, the man shouted, "let me hold the monkey for you.

Today, i overhead a cock proposing to a hen saying "My dear, I love you. Can you go out for a date?

The Hen replied, "What is wrong with you, every poultry are fasting and prying and you are hear talking about love. If you survive Christmas and New year, then can talk about Love.

Thank you all for your time. Like and follow this page for more funny Jokes.

If you were the Woman in the bus, what will you do? Leave your answer in the comment section.

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