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Don't Date Women With These Red Flags

She is controlling or jealous

If you can' t go get a gallon of milk without her attempting to plant a tracer on your car or asking what you were doing during the 12. 5 minutes you were gone, she' s presumably a bad girlfriend. Jealousy and control issues are a major warning showing other underlying issues. I have seen, as a rule, that when ladies are controlling and jealous, it is generally in light of the fact that they are being a tease or going behind your back with different men. It isn't generally the situation. However, as the old saying goes: " If you smell it, it' s you. "

She is mean to other people

Especially if she is mean to waiters and inattentive people. 

Because she guess what? Once you' ve spent your initial welcome and she thinks she " got" you. . . she' ll spread that pettiness your way.

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