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2 weeks after my girlfriend turned down my marriage proposal, I still got her a car - Man

There are some men who love unconditionally, even when you do them wrong. They will forgive you and continue loving you no matter what the circumstances & situations may be. A man took to his twitter handle to narrate why he bought a car for his woman after she rejected his marriage proposal. 

Two weeks ago, he got her a car as a gift.

He said he knew that people would call him all sorts of names for buying a car for the woman who rejected his marriage proposal and has refused to marry him. He said after she turned down his marriage proposal, he bought her a brand-new car that was worth over 1 million Ghana cedis. The woman was thrilled and excited about accepting the gift from the man She thought he was not good for her to marry.

She immediately went inside the car to test it, and she was pleased. As a man, would you buy a car or gift for the woman who turned down your marriage proposal and as a woman, would you accept a gift from the man who you turned down his marriage proposal? What's your opinion on this post? Was the man too desperate to have bought a car for the woman who turned down his marriage proposal?

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