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Doctor advises men to do this before lovemaking instead of taking herbs

A medical practitioner has shared medical tips and recommendations with men on things to do before playing a football match between a husband and a wife. 

He outlines the mistakes that men make before participating in a few football matches. He condemned men who drink cold drinks or water before engaging in an adult match. 

Here are his suggestions for good and enjoyable couples' play.

1) Get 5 liters of water 

2) Boil the water 

3) You and your partner use the water to bathe and dry yourself, and avoid using drugs.

4) Avoid eating carbonated beverages because they are bad for your blood circulation.


He gave details about why you should use warm water. Warm water regulates your hormones and blood pressure, preparing you for better fireplay.

I believe this medical recommendation will help you become a better fireman instead of taking drugs, and your partner will cherish you more for satisfying them and taking them to the moon. You can share your opinion.

Content created and supplied by: Auntykuma (via Opera News )


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