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"Crashing Into You" - 3 Cute Questions Your Crush Would Ask If She Is Interested In You

Getting a woman interested in you is a bunch of stuffs, summed up together called love. It's difficult for a woman to fall in love with a guy due to the number of heartbreaks that has come her way. As an Alpha Male, never loose hope in the game because you never know when she might get interested in you again. There are some interesting questions a woman would ask if she is interested in you and waiting for you to shoot your shot. Most guys tend to be naive about such behaviour of women and therefore characterize it as unprofessional.

During my teens, I met this nice girl in high school who use to be very close to me. She comes from an influential home and therefore behaves as such. Little did I know that she wanted me to propose to her but failed to recognize the greenlight ahead. That's the mistake most guys find ourselves in.

Here are 3 interesting questions a woman would ask you if she is interested and want you to make a move. 

1. Personal Life 

Meeting a woman for the first time means, you want to know more about her. Yes, a woman who is also interested in you would want to know more about your personal life. Guess you've notice a woman ask you of your age, then she wants to know the Intervals between both of you so she could tell her stand. This is a bigger shot if you see her asking you such questions. 

2. Plans For The Future

Nobody wants to be with a broke guy. A woman who is really interested in you would ask your plans for the future so she could tell if she is not making a mistake by falling for you. Don't tell her you have nothing in mind. Make her know that you are a guy if substance and that you ready to spend the rest of your life with her provided she hinges you the chance. 

3. Your Type Of Woman 

Guys, immediately you realize your crush ask you the type of women you want in life, pronto, she is interested in you. Women who are interested in guy tend to ask such questions to see if they fall in that category or the Specks of the guy. Stir up her emotions gradually and later bounce back. Don't feel less of yourself because someone somewhere might be interested in you. Continue to work hard and become the best in whatever thing you do. 

Thanks for reading. 

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