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Ladies, avoid having problems with your man by not asking him these 6 things

Being a woman is not all you say or ask a man. Did you know that asking some of these questions can or may harm your relationship? So in this article, I'm going to highlight five things you should never ask someone no matter what.

1. "Why don't you come to my mother's birthday party?"

No. I'm going because I have to do it, but I want to stay at home and have sex. Don't mock us with the illusion of choice. Please tell me a few days.

2. Have you ever spent the night with your ex? Why do women need to ask men this kind of question? In most cases, these types of questions can be very annoying. The truth is that boys don't like it when they are asked such a question. As a woman, she avoids asking questions to boys.

3. Do you think I'm overweight or overweight? This question is very wrong. Because when he tells you that you are not fat, you may think he is trying to make you feel good. 3. Do you still love your ex-girlfriend? Everyone thinks this question is very annoying. This is because it doesn't make sense. Why do you ask your husband if he still likes his ex? Let him leave his life as he likes.

4. Do you like how to walk? If you are walking with her husband and a woman passes by, do not ask her husband if she likes the way she walks.

5. "How often do you masturbate?"

Literally when you are not looking at us. Well, not literally, it's the same. We do it a lot. And we really don't want to tell you about it because it's weird.

6. "Which dress is the best?" Our answer will always be the one that can show off your cleavage the most, and then you will be angry, and we chose that one.

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