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"How To Know That A Man Truly Loves You" - Lady Reveals & Causes A Stir Online

A woman probably between the ages of 30 and 35 years old has recorded herself educating her followers on how to know that a man truly loves them, and many social media users after coming across this video couldn't keep mute over it. Speaking in the video, the lady said that she has been getting a lot of questions from her followers about this topic. According to this woman, the only way a lady can know that a man truly loves her is when he gives her money.

She explains that men are natural givers and ladies are natural receivers. And if your boyfriend or husband is not giving you money, then it means that he is giving it to another lady he loves. As a result of this, she advised her followers to be vigilant in their relationships and marriages and they will see that what she saying is the truth.

This is what this lady said in the video, "Ladies, how to know that a man truly loves you. I get this question a lot and I am going to answer you guys. The only way to know if a man loves you is when he gives you money. Don't be deceived, if he doesn't give you money, then it shows he doesn't love you and he is giving it to another woman. Men who say I love you without money don't love you. Men are natural givers and ladies are natural givers".

Some ladies after coming across this said that this is true. A man who truly loves a lady will give her money unless he doesn't have it. Others said that what she is saying is not true. Some men give ladies money only to sleep with them and dump them. This is bad advice coming from an elderly woman to the young girls.

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