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Practice Guide: How To Get The Girl Of Your Dreams Via Texting On Phone

Were you able to get the phone number, but don't know what to write to her to start a conversation? Stop there, don't move and don't write anything before reading this article. While it may seem strange to you, messages, if used in the wrong way can be counterproductive and put an end to your chances of getting the girl you like prematurely. 

In this article you will not find simple tips thrown away at random, but a real practical guide on how to message a girl effectively , that is, making her dying to see you again. According to the "champions", the phone was to be used only to make an appointment with the girl, and only and exclusively by voice, never with SMS.

But I have always thought with my head and over the years I have had the opportunity to experiment a lot on how to text with a girl. And the beauty is that contrary to what these "champions" said, for me the messages worked. Of course I'm not saying that you can seduce a girl exclusively via texting, and if used in the right way, they can be of great help in facilitating the seductive process.

In my Method, messages serve a very specific purpose: to speed up the seductive process and get the girl to the date as hot as possible. You will understand better what I mean by continuing with the reading, in fact soon I will share some important guidelines on how to text with a girl.

1. How to start the conversation

I assume there is only one way to get a girl's phone number, which is that she gave it to you directly. If to get it you have resorted to means such as asking a mutual friend, well you definitely start off on the wrong foot. So assuming you've already had an interaction with the girl, you've certainly approached her and been good enough to get her phone number. Take a cue from something you talked about when you saw it and tease her about that . Think of something funny and irreverent.

2. Write in English

Pay a little attention to what you write, grammar is not an opinion and I can guarantee you that for a woman who has a low IQ. Joking aside, you don't have to be a British or American, but at least be careful to put the punctuation in the right place and to write in correct English.

3. How many messages to write

This is a very frequent doubt in those who do not have much experience. It is actually very easy to find the right frequency, which can be different from girl to girl. The nice thing is that she will be the one to show you the frequency she prefers , in an unconscious way. If every time you text her, she replies after 2 seconds, it means that she is very inclined to this type of communication and that she likes your messages.I have many times to text with girls who responded instantly every time I wrote something.

In these cases the limit is dictated by the contents. Let me explain better, if you have to write her it is because you have something interesting or original to say to her, you don't have to write her trivial things just because you see that she always replies to you. On the contrary, you can find girls who maybe answer you after hours or maybe even the next day. In this case, you don't have to reply immediately, but adapt to his times. For example, if she replies to you after two hours, you do the same too. Don't respond immediately when you find girls who take a long time to reply.

4. What if she doesn't answer

If you text a girl and she doesn't reply, there are only two possible reasons: she was busy at the time and then forgot to answer you or she don't care. If she does not care there is little to do, you simply have to resign yourself and look for something else, but you must therefore use a strategy to exclude the hypothesis that she had been engaged and had then forgotten to answer you (this, however, is also a sign of little interest, but on which you can work).

Just let a couple of days go by and then rewrite them. If even this time he doesn't answer you, there is not much hope. Personally, in these cases I leave it alone and move on to something else, but if you really care you can make a last attempt after a week. If once again he doesn't reply, for your dignity as a seducer, forget it.

5. What to talk about

Start by eliminating trivial and obvious messages and you will have done half the job. If you have to write to her: "Hi, how are you?" you better not write them at all. When you think about texting her, keep in mind that the text message must have 2 goals: tease or flirt. If the message you're sending doesn't do either of these two things, maybe it's best not to send it.

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