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5 Most Memorable Selfies Of All Time

Angela Nikolau is certainly not terrified of stature – she considers herself an "outrageous model," and we need to concur with her on that one. Standing up in the midst of the mists with a selfie stick, Angela uncovers in her subtitle that she acquired 300,000 new supporters in about fourteen days, because of this post. 

Cristiano Ronaldo is perhaps the most well known soccer major parts on the planet, and has the greatest Instagram following to back it up. Here, he shows him and his family in the conveyance room, with his better half clutching their infant, everybody smiling ear to ear. Props to the cosmetics and hair crew that had bae's back before the shot! 

These gorillas were sufficiently fortunate to be saved by enemies of poachers, and incidentally, their appreciation had a sudden and comical result. These gorillas have begun emulating their people, and formally figured out how to reproduce a cheeky selfie, standing up actually like their two-legged pals. 

Lee Thompson needed a selfie that had more danger than remuneration – he nonchalantly chose to climb onto the Christ the Redeemer sculpture in Rio de Janeiro, denoting the first selfie ever with this well known Jesus milestone. 

On the off chance that you thought selfies were something new, you plainly haven't seen this shot of Buzz Aldrin. One of the first selfies, yet the first selfie ever on the moon! Taken from his 1966 Gemini mission, this picture denotes a significant crossroads in space and selfie history.

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