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Bride's Wedding Day Ruined After Groom Dumps Her At Side Of Road Moment After Tying The Knot

What at all is happening to the new married couples and those who want to settle down?

It all goes wrong for the newlyweds when the groom rides over a speed bump and his new wife is sent flying. This bride was left a little red-faced after being dumped unceremoniously in the road as she left her wedding reception with her new husband. Dressed in her white gown and carrying something blue in her arms, she can be seen in the footage sitting side-saddle on the back of a moped.

But it all goes wrong for the newlyweds when the groom rides over a speed bump and his new wife is sent flying. She lands on the floor with a bump, but her husband fails to notice she is no longer behind him. A few seconds later a passerby stops his bike to comfort the woman who is sat bewildered in the middle of the road.

The footage was filmed in China, although the exact location is not known. It is not the first time things have gone quickly wrong for a newlywed couple. But does it have to happen like this? What is wrong? Why always the ladies?

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