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Ladies, do these 3 things, and he will never leave you. He'll commit only to you

It's not easy bearing in mind that he can be frustrating every time it counts when he comes up with valuables about why he's bothered by a result for you. However, men always have their reserves so they may not be available to you. But here, it would have made her able to do so.

1. Make things fun and light.

One thing about the number that men have gone to is that none of them like to walk out of a life where women are boring and gloomy. in that case Women want to make their relationship fun. It makes every time you go together something that can be remembered.

2. Be friends with his friends.

As much as women should be number one in a man's life, being friends with your guy's friends is a great way to get him to surrender. The main reason is Most men seek advice from their friends. And if you disagree with his friends There is a high probability that they will not be sufficient.

3. Take time away from him to make him a commit. If your man uses permission Let their steps be a way of keeping them from wanting permission. This can be as difficult as a person is in love the only thing they need is to spend more time with their employees. But it's something you should do.

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