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Sign Of End Time: Here's The Beautiful Lady Who Said Her Dog Does it Better Than African Men(Photos)

Women contributes to large percentage of the happiness that happens to men in this world, and sometimes they also contribute to large amounts of sorrows that happens to men in this world as well.

This white lady is from South Africa in Cape Town to be precise. She intentionally took a picture of herself with her own dog to show the level of intimacy between her and the dog.

She also used the opportunity to tell African men that they need to be trained by her dog on how to make love to women. This lady has surprised many African men including myself because it is a common believe that African men are the best when it comes to making love.

She vowed to never have anything to do with African men again, and has opened up the opportunity to engage dogs going forward. However, this can be categorised as total madness because I don't believe any lady in her right senses will choose an animal over men.

Someone needs to make her aware of the fact that she can contact a deadly disease by engaging herself with animals especially dogs who are believed to carry dangerous diseases.

Only God knows what will happen in the next years when our own generation is experiencing these immoral acts. The world is turning into something ridiculous and most of our youths are contributing to a large percentage of these immorality.

Do you think the lady is normal? Your opinion matters a lot

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