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Husband and wife relationship

Quick signs that show you have a spiritual marriage, fast read and work on it.

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Spiritual marriages with spiritual husband/wife.

In the department of incubus and succubus, they are commonly referred to as spirit girlfriend. They are not accessible to the general public (except if you are led by the spirit of God). It will be extremely difficult for you to divorce and conquer them unless you have the strength of God inside you.They can, however, live and work in a person for a long time with no intention of leaving. A individual may have a clear sense that he or she is being watched or manipulated by a marine spirit at times.

These are the signs of having spiritual marriage,

1.Constant dream of a man or wife (beast) approaching you for sex.

2.Not becoming involved in a relationship.

3.Other mysterious women are being invited by your husband/fiancee.

4.Being on the verge of getting married and having disappointments.

5.When men just want to sleep with you and aren't interested in marrying you.

6.They make it financially difficult for a man who sleeps with these women.

7.You don't have a sexual feeling with your husband or wife.

8.Getting a crowd of men pursuing you

9.Getting a Godly man say, "I love you," or "I want to marry you," is a challenge.

8.I'm drawn to people who are irrational.

9.Their presence can be triggered by masturbation.

10.In the dream, I'm breastfeeding a son.

11.Dreams of marriage

12.In my dream, I was swimming/walking across a river. Loss, failures and setbacks.

13.In a dream, you see yourself pregnant.

14.Watching a pornographic movie.

These indicate that you are having spiritual spouse.

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