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Husband and wife relationship

There Is Nothing Wrong With What They Did, They Are Husband And Wife.

There’s been a tending hit on the internet with a prison warder getting intimate with a prisoner. It sparked a lot of talks as many criticized, others were like hmm and many others were having suspicion of them having to be into each other from prison.

One thing that sparked a lot of attention most was her wedding ring. One could easily analyze and deduce obviously that she was going to lose her marriage bed after this act went viral on the media but, you are getting it all wrong.

They are couples in real life and the woman in the video was doing nothing obvious than the love that exists in marriage. The man was said to be arrested after they had been married and a proof of this has surfaced and nullified all criticisms.

Like they say, don’t be quick to judge even when the scene or occurrence is so plain and obvious.

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