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Ladies: Apply This Trick And Have A Successful Relationship

It hurts to be less valued by someone especially the one you love. This is one feeling that most ladies have at certain points in their relationship. In this article, we will be talking about one great mistake most ladies make in their relationships. Kindly read to the end.

Short Story:

Ruby is a young lady who has been dating Prince for about 7 months now. Ruby has been everything a man will desire in his woman. Ruby is at his beck and call. She makes herself always available to Prince. Due to this, Ruby hardly finds time for her family and friends. No time to go out, have a long talk to catch up on old times with her friends. But unfortunately, Prince doesn't seem to value all of Ruby's efforts. Even though he doesn't complain, he's actions tell that he sometimes want space.

What could be the problem?

Ruby is too available. Yes! And that is what most ladies do. Men are different from Ladies.

Ladies are naturally created to be givers and lovers. Once a woman is in love, she will go all out to give all the love and care she has. But that is not how men are. A man will not value a woman who doesn't have a life of her own, who's all over him and depends on him to bring new ideas to the table.

As a lady, you should have a life of your own. Make time for friends and family, make time for yourself and try new things like; learning a skill or anything profitable that will add value to your life.

When you give too much of your presence, you are not valued. Your are the price and that makes you the one to be chased and not the other way. I am not saying you should avoid him; all I am saying is that you should create the "missing you" mood. Make him miss the times you both spend together. But if you are always around, what will he miss?

Don't insist on talking all the time because men love space. Yes!

When you read Proverbs 25:16-17, it explains deeper. So my dear ladies; go out with friends and family, learn new things and add more value to your life. With this, you get to bring new energy and ideas whenever you meet your partner. And with this, he's going to value you and see that virtuous quality in you.

Be valued for life!

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