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Husband and wife relationship

My husband has impregnated my little sister. Is it necessary for me to tell my family? (Fiction)

I married my husband 10 years ago. I had heard and had seen instances of many people cheating on their partners but never did I take into consideration that I could be a victim as time went on. He took me on dates, bought me expensive things and always made me feel special. I am not a royal but he always made me feel like a queen.

Fast forward, our relationship was growing each and every day and there was not a single day I wasn't happy. The problem started when my younger sister visited me during her vacation holidays. She is my blood sister and I have always trusted her. Truth be told, she was really helpful and helped with most house chores. I felt that a burden had been lifted off my shoulders after her arrival.

She would bath my little kids, dress them, feed them and even cook sometimes. This is what blood sisters do right? Never did I know that my blood sister could be a thorn in my flesh. Unknowingly, this sister of mine was having an affair with my lovely husband.

At a point, she was getting all the attention from my husband. He wasn't buying things for me and taking me out like he used to do. I am sure most of you are probably thinking I wasn't sleeping with him that is why he decided to go in for my little sister. No please, I never denied him the opportunity to sleep with me whenever he asked.

A few weeks ago, I noticed some changes in my sister. She was pale and was vomiting anyhow. I asked her what was happening but she insisted that it was malaria. Well, malaria could make a person vomit so I just gave her money to go get some drugs from the pharmacy. I still noticed the same changes about two weeks later and decided to take her to the hospital myself. Never did I know that that journey would unveil the greatest secret in my household. The doctor looked at her and immediately told her she was pregnant but she tried denying so they did a test on her and realized she was really pregnant.

I got to know that my little sister was 3 months pregnant. I then asked her who was responsible for the pregnancy. She was not willing to tell me who was responsible for the pregnancy so I decided to take her back to the village if she never talked. I am sure she would have imposed the pregnancy on an innocent boy if she had gotten the chance but luckily for me, we lived in a new site and she hardly goes out.

I kept putting pressure on her only for her to disclose that my husband had been playing bedroom games with her for a very long time. I just asked my husband out of nowhere only for him to stammer and cry out pleading with me to forgive him. I really love my husband very much but I don't think I can cover up the evil he has done.

He is asking me to do an abortion for my younger sister but that goes against my religious beliefs. I just want to tell my family members what has happened but I fear my husband might call this marriage off after exposing him. He really takes good care of me and gives me every money I need and therefore I fear I might will suffer when he leaves

Right now, I am stuck between either sticking to my religious beliefs or exposing my husband only to face bad consequences. What should I do? Please help me out

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