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When she asks you why you love her

Have you ever been asked by your special someone why you love them? did you find something nice to say? Well if no this are some proof and work things to say to let them know how you can't do without them but frist (WHAT IS LOVE)

LOVE is a set of emotion and behavior characterized by intimacy, passion and commitment. It involves Care, protectiveness, closeness, affected, attraction and trust so hold on to that special someone and let them no you are there when she ask you why you love her you can say this

1, because I trust you with my heart

2, because am mad for you

3, because you teach me to love everyday

4, because with you am never dull

5, because all you need to no is that I love you

6, because you are my true love

Okay guys this is all I have for now please let me no what you think and l hope this helps when the question come up love you all

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