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Disgracing Wedding: Groom Walks Out Of Wedding, Says He Planned To Disgrace Bride 10 Years Ago.

A very embarrassing scene was recorded in Nigeria when a groom walked out of his wedding ceremony, leaving his bride in the church. It was a sad moment, unforgotten and unbearable for the bride. This really inflicts so much pain. However, everything was a plan by the groom.

The incident which reportedly took place at God’s Glory Ministry in Jos has left the public in shock as the man known as Rufus Aplang claimed to avenge his girlfriend of many years, Judith before exiting the wedding ceremony.

In a report, it was said to have planned towards executing this move against his Judith for the past ten years. This is because the would-be wife hurt him so badly that all his life he has been planning for revenge. To the groom, there was no better time than this and this chance was good and one opportunity for his plan to be executed according to the grom.

At some point like this, it is not easy especially when it turns to be the bride or the woman being affected. Life would have been very unbearable for me if am the one involved. What will you do if you were the bride? Am hoping you would not have done something that you will regret in the future if you were the bride?

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