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Dating Romantic

Ladies, have you ever had the following experiences?

1. A guy proposes, seems so serious and starts acting cold after you accepted? 

2. You asked him to give you some time to think about it but he never showed up? 

Well, let me open these keys... 

 One thing most ladies don't know is that sometimes when guys propose, just after proposing, they regret and pray the lady gives them NO for an answer. 

It's not all the time that guys are disappointed when turned down, sometimes proposing is simply done to take away the burden of not being a man enough.

This is why some guys don't even come back for the reply when you say I'm going to think about it or change drastically just after you accept their proposal.

In view of this, 'the I am going to think about it' trick crafted by our foremothers should not be abandoned, be sure of who is getting your YES.

I'm not saying wait for a century, just enough time to be sure that you are dealing with a committed person. It still doesn't mean he is going to marry you, however, you are less likely to be in a relationship today and be single the next week.

Some guys can even propose to you and forget to come for the reply.

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