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Don't Say I Will Marry You Until You Have Answered These Questions

As we move out and go on our separate errands we do meet a whole lot of people. Some don't like us even from the first day they meet us. And there are some we also don't like from the very day we come across them even though we have not offended each other. Is funny though but such is life.

Yet there are some people the moment you meet them, your entire veins begin to dance and your bones respond as well because you have seen someone you love instantly. And sometimes fortunately for you, one thing leads to the other and you start a relationship with this person you met as your love at first sight.

But because you wouldn't like to make a mistake in the future should this relationship get very deep then you need to do self check ups. And this is to know the reason, the purpose and the future of such a relationship. And for you to dive deep into that there are three questions which you have to ask yourself before paying allegiance to such a relationship to another level.

The first question you have to ask yourself is if this relationship is for the fun aspect of it or fr a serious business. The fun aspect is all about lust for each other, that is if is all about sex. Of course every good relationship has chemistry in the bedroom and is important when marriage takes over but fixation of a relation on sex can be very hurtful.

Because when partners enter into a relationship mostly with that in mind, they end up becoming bored after some time and they start looking for the next best thing in bed. So you must ask this question and answer it before you commit yourself into the relationship.

The next question you have to ask yourself before making the commitment of saying i will marry you is to know if such a partner can keep secrets. A lot of women can keep secrets but there are others who can not handle certain secrets. And should you commit yourself into such a relationship all about you will be known outside your room because she will share it to the world at just the click of the eye.

After answering yourself of such a question, the final question you should ask yourself is this woman going to be a helper or a sucker. You must know the mindset of such a woman if she is in to support you with ideas to make it in life or she is there to destroy your vision and leave you for another man.

When you answer yourself of all these questions, then you can now take a decision.

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