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Husband and wife relationship

3 Things You Should Never Look At When Choosing A Spouse

Choosing a life partner isn't easy but there are 4 things you should never look at when choosing a spouse.

Before any man or a woman will reach a certain age and think of getting married, each of them has in mind the type and caliber of a person he or she want to marry.

Most of the time, what these categories or people look for before choosing a spouse or accepting the proposal of their would be husband aren't much needed. 

They are just the exterior aspect of the marriage which benefits for a short time.

So in this article I have put down four things you should never look up to when choosing a life partner.

1. Financial Status of your spouse

 Frankly speaking poverty in marriage is not an easy task which I am going to encourage anyone to taste it. But when choosing a spouse don't focus too much on how rich the person is.

At least the man should be working and earning some money which he can support home with.

Same with the woman, she should be earning something to help the husband.

What is more important is if this supposed spouse to be has a vision to accomplish. Then you both can work on it to bring an increament to your life and marriage.

 2. The stature of a man and the vital statistics of a woman

One other thing that shouldn't be considered at all when looking for a spouse is how the guy is masculine built and the definite waist of the lady. 

Those things are exterior factors which doesn't add much to the marriage. It's for a while.

So never be moved by those things. Many git enticed into it and they have regretted so much.

3. The Religious Denomination of the person

The Bible says do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers. But it didn't talk about the type of church.

In our time most pastors discourages their members from marrying from a different church. 

What is important is the person having same faith with you and believing in same God.

I wish you the best of luck in your choice of a spouse.

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