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Is it right for lady to propose to a guy?

In our world today things are turning around as women are taking the bold step to get what they want. There's a popular saying that " what a man can do, a woman can do better." Women no longer hide their feelings to the man or the guy they love, they do what ever it takes to get the man they believe is right for them. When you go through the social media, you come across different amazing posts whereby you see young ladies proposing to guys they love, and this usually spark so many reactions online, you see people commenting about how they feel about it regardless of what the lady proposing to the guy may think. May guys believe it's OK for a lady to come and propose to them since they've been the one's always doing the job, but a some think otherwise also by saying it's not right for a lady to propose to a guy because of makes to look cheap.

This issues of ladies proposing to guys has been a major talk and it has not seem to end soon because many ladies are still coming out to tell the man they love how they feel about him, regardless of whether he will turn them down or not.

As a guy what do you think about ladies proposing to guys? As a lady what is your say about this also? Please drop your comments below in the comment section, like and share with friends

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