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What Is LOVE Without LOYALTY?

Love revolves around us. We all know Love and have experienced it and continue to experience love on our day to day basis. In relationships, partners love but one I realized in human relationship is the preach only about Love and not Loyalty.

People are taught to 'love' but they seem to forget about 'loyalty'..

Love without Loyalty is like Food without Salt..Some are getting divorced and we the spectators are wondering "oh but they loved each other'...ask yourself, "Was there loyalty from the start"...You see old couples and u wonder ,that's Love And Loyalty.. You see people who have been friends for more than 30years,that's Love and Loyalty...

Youth of today does not even love for long to talk of loyalty. Least thing, your wife or husband, boyfriend or girlfriend is just gone and in another’s arm.

I believe Loyalty is the secret to lasting marriages and companionships. Loyalty breeds love , peace and tranquillity. Loyalty can calm situations down. You would not retaliate with loyalty for the other person.

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