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Men can not handle disrespectful women and what men call love is respect-Pastor Elvis

Pastor Elvis has a program he does every Tuesday and it is called the love cycle. This program is to educate people on how to get a nice and lovely relationship with their partner. He said, "Men can't handle disrespectful women, and what men call love respect". He continued what men call love is respect and I wouldn't know you love until you respect me. He also said the word I love you a lot of men Don't want to hear it again they want you to respect it.

A lot of relationships and marriages are not developing because of a lack of respect. Men love women who respect them because they think they will make their life peaceful. You can be very beautiful but if you don't respect your partner you will lose him. Dont let your beauty deceive you and become disrespectful to men. Every man loves to see women with good character. You can be very beautiful you will not be getting a man to marry you because you don't respect men. If you are respectful as a woman your life becomes easy and your relationship with your man also grows. There is always peace and the man will love to stay by side every time. This makes his love for you increase so as a woman you have to be respectful.

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