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Sad: Because Of My Height, Many Girls I Wanted To Date Ran Away From Me - Tall Man Cries Out

Every single person is a unique puzzle composed of pieces of personality, life experiences, knowledge, and emotions. Every person has their own perspective and worldview, largely fueled by the way they've experienced and navigated the world.

As some people have dark skin, white skin some are very short while some are extremely tall. Today I’m going to be telling you the story of a man identified as Chigozie Isuemenyi who is very very tall and the difficulties he has been facing because of it. 

According to Chigozie, since the day was fully grown, he has never come in contact with anyone he can say is taller than him and even when he approaches someone they see him as a giant and run away. The 29 year old revealed how the same situation has made him loose a lot of dates with the girls scared that he will choke them or they keep telling him different excuses that have to do with his height. 

Even some bike riders don't like carrying him on their bike. He said he would like to be a boxer, basketballer, weight lifter, or bouncer. He said there's something that's disturbing him very much. He has had a wound on his foot since he was 8 years old, and the wound does not want to heal, despite all the treatment he's done to the wound.

What he prays for now is a destiny helper who will help him for the treatment so he could pursue his dreams without any delay. 

Now let me ask you, can you date this kind of man? Don’t forget to drop your opinion below, like, share and follow for more .

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