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Husband and wife relationship

I Was Pregnant For My Old Boyfriend Before I Married My Husband

I'm a lady with the age of 31 years. Both my parents are Liberians and they came to Ghana for refuge during the 1989 Liberian civil war. I was born in Ghana. I live in Ghana and I'm married to a Ghanaian medical doctor. We are living a happily married, but there is this one issue which has been haunting me throughout our marriage; that we are blessed with three kids, but my first child doesn't belong to my husband. He is for my old boyfriend, but my husband is not aware of it.

This is how it happened.

I met my current husband when I was 21 years, but before then, I was already in a serious relationship with this my old boyfriend. We really loved each other very well. He was my first lover and he used to satisfy me well in bed. I became addicted to him. I couldn't be myself if I don't see or hear from him just a single day. We promised to stay together forever.

Along the line, I saw my current husband who promised to marry me and take care of myself and my family. I used to pay him a visit once a while. He used to come to our house and he was loved by my mother. My mother knowing very well that I was already in love with my old boyfriend, advised me to stop seeing him and settle with this doctor. My mother's reason was that my boyfriend can't take care of me, he has no work, but this medical doctor is a responsible man and he will treat me better.

I got pregnant with my boyfriend, but I was also seeing this doctor. My mother saw the pregnancy and advised me to give it to the medical doctor instead of my boyfriend. I listened to her advice and gave it to the doctor. We got married.

Now, I have three kids with him, but the first child is totally different from the others. He looks exactly the same as my old boyfriend. His behavior is different from my other two kids. I'm afraid one day my husband may find out. My husband uses to say that this child doesn't resemble him in any way.

I want to tell him the truth, but telling him the truth can lead to a divorce. My husband, a medical doctor, may one day arrange for DNA test when his suspicions become more.

In fact, I don't know what to. I need some advice from you.

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