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5 Signs That Your Guy Is Another Woman's Husband Unknowingly

As a relationship therapist, I do have a lot of encounters with couples who wanna break their marriage due a thing or two. And also meet girlfriends who have fully fallen deeply in love and wish her guy will put a ring on her finger immediately. 

But most of these girlfriends mostly get disappointed in the relationship by getting to know that the man they were dying for had lied about his single status because he is married.

Often, many ladies get caught up in the hot romance of a new relationship that they least investigate much about who they have fallen in love with.     

One thing is it will take more time for a woman to know if her man is a married man if the man is an expert in this despised lifestyle of game playing in relationships.

A lot of wives learn of their husband’s infidelity when they receive a call from the “other woman” after she finds out her boyfriend is a married man.

In my article today, I am writing about 5 signs that your guy is another woman’s husband. My dear single ladies, please kindly take heed.

The first thing a single lady should watch out for is when the guy you are dating is a businessman who travels a lot due to the nature of his business. 

Frankly speaking it is extremely easy for some of the married men who travel constantly with their work to lead a secret life like double dating or having more than one woman in his life.

It usually takes an unsuspecting woman months and some even years to find out that the traveling businessman with whom she has fallen in love is actually a married man.

The second sign that single ladies should check to find out if their guy is married is when he only has time to be with you during a four-hour window after he gets off work. 

If your man constantly or habitually places severe restrictions on the times and places you guys can meet either he is dating someone else or he is married. 

A man who is really interested in getting to know you will not have to be home by 10:00 pm for that important meeting in the morning.

The fourth sign that your guy is married is that he never invites you over to his home and insists that you only spend time together at your residence, guest house or hotel.

The reason he doesn’t want you to come to his house is either because his home doesn't look nice to him or because he is a married man.

Also when your guy receives calls from his cell phone that he will not answer in front of you are the fourth signs that he is married or in another relationship.

Secrecy is highly important to the man who is married but yet pretends to being single. If your new lover routinely behaves this way in front of you, either he works in espionage or he is married.

Finally, if you always receive voicemail from your guy when you call him and he later returns the call some time later, it's a big sign that he is married or in a serious relationship somewhere.

In this technological age, it is easy for a married man to pose as a single man. He can be with the wife and then will later get to a corner to call you back after refusing to receive your call in her presence.

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