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When A Woman Develop Feelings For You, She Will Likely Tell You These 6 Things.

Women also develop feelings too. Because there are humans. But when a woman is in love with you or has feelings for you, there is a certain sign and some of her secrets she will let you know about, which is supposed to remain personal. When a woman is comfortable around you, that means she trusts you and won't be scared to tell you some of her secrets. When a woman trusts you, she would like to let you know some of her secrets, this because she is not comfortable around you.

1. Her age.

As we all know, women don't easily tell anyone about their age except someone who is a good friend of hers. Or someone who she is comfortable with. This is because women don't just reveal their age to anybody. So when a woman tells you her age or reveals her birth certificate, this means she is comfortable around you and value you more than a friend. You should also understand that there are high chances that she likes you.

2. She tells you people that are crushing on her.

When a woman starts having feelings for you, she would like to tell you guys who are crushing on her, or she would like to tell you men who are asking her out. This is because she wants you to feel jealous and want to be with her. She might even go ahead telling you she rejected them all. But she won't talk about why she rejected them. As a man, you should understand why she is saying it.

3. She will tell you her movements, location or whereabouts.

When a woman is in love with you. She would like to tell you everything about herself. Including her whereabouts and activities for the day. And her location where she is whenever you ask. She doesn't see any need to keep them secret or hide them from you. So when a woman is constantly informing you about her whereabouts and location. This means she develops feelings for you.

4. Her family background.

A woman doesn't really feel comfortable discussing their family background with a stranger. Except she is comfortable around you, or she likes you. When a woman starts telling about her family background, or she would like to enlighten you on the type of family she comes from. This means she has feelings for you or wants the friendship to continue. It takes only a woman who respects you and your company to tell you about her family background.

5. She will tell you what she likes.

6. She will give you a signal to detect when she's sad, happy or angry.

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